I see the Sea - Jubilee Library - April 5 - 18

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hello, I'm so pleased to finally tell you about a project I've been working on with fellow Sussex artists, Annabel Wyatt, Lily Rigby and Ella Husbands. This show started off with a chat over a coffee with Annabel, having enjoyed our past exhibition at Coachworks, we was keen to follow it up with something different; we searched Brighton for venues (something Brighton has in abundance!) and decided that Brighton Library was the best fit for us, prioritising the audience, accessibility of the Library to the public and the cultural hub that the library encompasses, always a joy! We decided on the theme of 'I see the sea' Annabel and I being from the midlands its a great tradition the first person to spot the sea shouts this phrase on family trips! We now live by the sea and it's a big theme in or lives and can't help but influence our work.

Wanting to work in a collective we each made suggestions of artists who we would like to work with and the thought came to my mind about Lily Rigby. I went to her show at ONCA last November and the watery depths of her work is hard to forget! So with a few messages we were so pleased Lily wished to be involved. Lily introduced us to Ella, part of the ONCA Graduate collective who often meet for creative discussions. Ella Husbands works in 2d, 3d objects and projection and has recently had an exhibition in London which received acclaim, her work disrupts the environment into movement and pattern, we are very excited to see her new work for this exhibition.

Please do come see our show over Easter and let us know your thoughts!


Johanna Cragg

Check out Annabel's Blog post here

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