Signs of the times '20

Hello, so I'd thought I'd update you on my creative practice following this years changes which has no doubt rumbled though everyones lives quite savagely. A heart felt message for anyone personally effected by loss or worry.

As you may know the creative sector has had its fair share of disruption but its important to fight back with human positivity in adversity. At the start of the year our lovely exhibition in the Jubilee Library was cancelled which was months of advanced work and planning but due to Annabel Wyatt's dedication we are well underway to finding another venue and will announce that later in the year or early 2021.

Even in 2020 we had some lovely Brighton news that Faye Bridgwater local artist and 'BrightonSkies' creator won with John Purcell Paper Prize with 'The Chalky Edge' at Mall Gallery, London which managed to open with Covid Secure procedures, also not forgetting photographer JJ Wallers innovative project of capturing the spirit of lockdown via photographing shots of family and friends behind doors on his daily walks, which was featured in the Guardian Newspaper.

So how has this year affected my practise, well I'm happy to say that even though most of my usual haunts have been closed I did visit the Watts Gallery again which prompted a new painting inspired by his masterpiece 'Hope' which I think we can all say that is a very emotive word of this year. I also had a 'Staycation' visiting Bexhill-on-Sea where I visited the De La Warr Gallery for the first time to a very atmospheric fabric / video installation surrounding a symbology of a pod of orcas in Korean female culture. I felt very inspired by exploring Bexhill's seashore which had amazing current patterns in the sand, and earthy colours and the otherworldly terrain about it.

Noticeable differences to my work is I'm working to a smaller frame and my brushwork more refined because of limited space but also the slowing down of life, I'm really excited to pursue this current change of practice. Nature and our place within nature and the universe has been on everyones mind with people stopping to notice the small things and appreciating our significance within our communities and relationship to our environment, this has been the critical thinking in my new works. No doubt, creatively a lot of changes would have been made during this time, with the effects unending but I'm really excited to show you my new collection when it launches late this year, please add yourself to my mailing list to be notified first.

Notifications : The May open houses have been postponed to an even bigger event both in locations and virtual online in December, check out AOH.ORG for updates and those lovely festive purchases. We also have a Makers Fair happening, Brighton, Fiveways happening soon (3rd of Oct) to get those gifting juices flowing!

Best wishes, stay in touch x

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